When is the money released to the seller?

Payments are released when documentary proof is verified by Tazapay or when the buyer verifies the receipt of goods/services.

If it is a transaction of goods, the money is released to the seller when they hand over their goods to a shipping provider and they upload proof of shipment. This may include an air waybill or bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice, and certificate of origin.

If it is a transaction of services, the money is released when the buyer confirms that the services requested have been rendered successfully and satisfactorily by the seller.

The funds will only be paid out to the seller has completed their KYB & have reached the minimum payout of USD 100.  

Please note that the funds for any first transaction using a credit card will only be released to the seller within 14 days of Tazapay receiving the payment from the buyer. This is to ensure that our ecosystem remains safe and to minimize credit card fraud.