What can I do if a transaction is declined?

Buyers: If a transaction is declined, email error@tazapay.com with the transaction number and a screenshot for resolution within 24 hours. Sellers: Refer to Tazapay's Card Decline Reasons for guidance and follow the instructions provided.

For Buyers:

If you're a buyer and your transaction has been declined, please take the following steps to address the issue:

  1. Report the Issue: Send an email to error@tazapay.com. Include your transaction number and a screenshot of the decline message you received.

  2. Resolution: The Tazapay support team aims to resolve such issues within 24 hours. Ensure you provide all necessary details to facilitate a quick resolution.

For Sellers:

Sellers experiencing a declined transaction should:

  1. Understand the Decline Reason: Visit the Card Decline Reasons page on Tazapay's support site to understand potential reasons for the decline.

  2. Follow Instructions: Based on the information provided on the decline reasons page, follow the recommended steps to attempt to resolve the issue.