I received a certain card processing decline reason, what does it mean?

A card transaction may be declined due to various reasons. This table explains each decline reason and the action items you can take to resolve it.

Remarks Description Action Item
Payment failed
3DS failed or the user abandoned the 3DS auth
Ask the user to contact the issuer bank to understand the 3DS failure reason
Authentication abandoned
Authentication failure
Suspected Fraud
The issuer declined the transaction due to risk reasons. Sometimes issuers also decline transactions for overseas merchants with this as a generic error code
Contact the issuer or retry with a different card
Declined - Do Not Honour
Do not honour
Fraud/Security related reasons
Transaction Cannot be Completed
Insufficient Funds
Insufficient funds in Cardholder Account / Transaction exceeded card limits
Ask the buyer to retry with another card with sufficient balance/limits
Insufficient funds/over the credit limit
Exceeds Withdrawal Value/Amount Limits
Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
Security The issuer declined the transaction due to a security violation Ask the buyer to contact the issuer
Policy The issuer has declined the transaction for undisclosed policy reasons. Retrying the transaction is unlikely to result in success We recommend that the buyer contacts their issuing bank to discuss the declined transaction for policy reasons. Please advise them to reach out to their bank before attempting the transaction again.
Risk Blocked Transaction Risk decline e.g due to velocity rules Contact Tazapay if different rules need to be configured
Decline for CVV2 Failure
Incorrect CVV
Ask the buyer to retry with the correct CVV
invalid cvc
Blocked, first used-transaction from new cardholder Card Blocked Payment has been declined by the issuer, ask the buyer to contact the issuer
Transaction not Permitted to Cardholder
Card not allowed on this merchant/vertical
Contact the issuer or try with a different card
Invalid merchant
Expired card Card Expired Ask the buyer to use a valid card or enter the correct expiry date
Invalid Transaction Technical error Raise this with the Tazapay tech team
Closed Account Card holder account is closed/blocked/invalid Ask the buyer to contact the issuer
Restricted Card Card not allowed for the merchant /vertical/ country Ask the buyer to use a different card
Previously declined do not retry Card has been declined due to excessive re-tries Ask the buyer to use a different card