How do I request refunds on Tazapay's WooCommerce plugin?

Step 1: On your Wordpress dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce > Orders.

Click on the specific order to bring out its details.

Step 2: At the bottom of the order page, click on "Refund". This option only appears if the order is already paid for. 

woocommerce refund 1

Step 3: Input the amount you wish to refund, then click "Refund (your amount) via Tazapay Gateway"

woocommerce refund 2

Step 4: You would get a confirmation that looks like this. Take note that your order will no longer be editable upon requesting a refund.

woocommerce refund 3

The main order page will display the following status, "Tazapay Refund Requested" when you request your refund with us

woocommerce refund 4

Note: Tazapay will process refunds on a case-by-case basis. Should a refund request be accepted or rejected, the payment status will reflect either "Tazapay Refunded" (for accepted refunds), or "Tazapay Refund Rejected" (for rejected refunds)

woocommerce refund 5


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