How do I install Tazapay's WooCommerce plugin?

Install the plugin by downloading the ZIP folder from our GitHub page, request for your API keys, and then uploading it to your WordPress dashboard - no coding required

Step 1a: Download Tazapay's WooCommerce Plugin from the Wordpress Plugins page.


Step 1b: Alternatively, download Tazapay's WooCommerce Plugin from our Github page. You'll need to click on "Code" first and then click "Download ZIP"

tzp woocommerce download

Step 2: Login to your Wordpress admin page and click on "Plugins" on the left navbar.

Click "Add New" on the drop down list or Plugins page.


Step 3: In the Add Plugins page, click "Upload"

This opens up a section where you can upload the downloaded ZIP file. Click "Install Now" once the ZIP file is uploaded. 


Click "Activate Plugin" once the installation is complete.


Step 4: Navigate to the WooCommerce tab on the left navbar and click on Settings.


Step 5: Click on Payments on the top tabs.


Enable the Tazapay Payments Plugin and click 'Set Up'

Step 6: in Select Mode, choose if you're in Sandbox or in Production. Sandbox is used for testing environments and no real transactions will go through, while Production mode is live on your website. 

*If you're testing in Sandbox, you'll need to generate a separate set of keys at

Add your 'API Key' and 'Secret Key'. 

woocommerce6Congratulations, your Tazapay checkout is now live!

Note: You may want to enable multiple currencies within WooCommerce's payment settings. Read how to do so at WooCommerce's documentation.