When Will I Receive My Settlement from Tazapay?

Tazapay users receive weekly settlements based on their signup day by default, with options for customized settlement cycles available upon request through your account management team.

By default, new users of Tazapay are set up to receive settlements on a weekly basis. The specific day of the week you receive your settlement corresponds to the day you initially signed up for your Tazapay account. For instance, if you sign up on a Tuesday, your weekly settlements will occur on Tuesdays.

For users with specific needs or preferences, Tazapay offers customized settlement cycles, including daily or biweekly options. These arrangements can be made by discussing your requirements with your Growth Manager or Account Manager at Tazapay.

Note: In case of a bank holiday(s), there may be a slight delay as per your settlement cycle and payment release may happen on the following next working day.