What are the transaction statuses on Tazapay's dashboard?

Status Meaning

Succeeded: The transaction was successful

Partial Payment: Partial asynchronous payment has been made for the transaction and the full amount has yet to be received

Payment Reported: The buyer has reported that they have made an asynchronous payment (eg: local bank transfer)

Pending: Transaction incomplete and awaiting funds from the buyer. The buyer may have initiated a transaction but did not complete it

Incomplete: The transaction details (specifically escrow) are incomplete, or awaiting your counterparty's acceptance

Risk Hold: The payment is held under review for further due diligence investigation

Refund Requested: When the seller requests a refund for the buyer

Partially Refunded: A partial refund was made and approved by Tazapay operations

Refunded: A full refund was made and approved by Tazapay operations

Cancelled: When the transaction is automatically cancelled due to inactivity, by Tazapay's operations team, cancelled by the user, or (in escrow) rejected by the counterparty

Failed: When the customer tried making a payment but was unable to complete the payment due to a network error

Status Mapping from Previous Configuration

old to new status

Succeeded, Refunds, and Cancel 

Succeeded, refunded, cancelled