What are the transaction statuses on Tazapay's dashboard?

Tazapay's dashboard shows transaction statuses such as Succeeded, Partial Payment, Payment Reported, Pending, Incomplete, Risk Hold, Refund Requested, Partially/fully Refunded, Cancelled, and Failed to indicate the progress and outcome of transaction

Tazapay's dashboard provides various transaction statuses to inform you of the current state of each transaction. Here's what each status indicates:

  • Succeeded: The transaction has been completed successfully.

  • Partial Payment: A portion of the transaction amount has been paid; awaiting full payment completion.

  • Payment Reported: The buyer has indicated that they've made a payment, typically for transactions like local bank transfers.

  • Pending: The transaction is incomplete, with funds from the buyer still expected.

  • Incomplete: Transaction details are missing or pending acceptance from the other party involved.

  • Risk Hold: The transaction is on hold for additional security checks.

  • Refund Requested: The seller has initiated a refund process for the buyer.

  • Partially Refunded: A partial refund has been issued and confirmed by Tazapay.

  • Refunded: The transaction has been fully refunded and approved by Tazapay.

  • Cancelled: The transaction has been voided due to various reasons such as inactivity, operations decisions, user action, or rejection in escrow.

  • Failed: The transaction attempt was unsuccessful due to issues like network errors.

These statuses help you track and manage your transactions effectively on Tazapay