What filters can I use on the Tazapay Dashboard?

The Tazapay Dashboard provides detailed filtering capabilities across three tabs to streamline the management of transactions, required actions, and settlements.

The Tazapay Dashboard offers comprehensive filtering options across three main tabs to help you navigate and manage your transactions, action-required items, and settlements effectively.

1. Transactions Tab

  • Date: Filter by transaction creation or funded date.
  • Payment Method: Options include Cards, Internet Banking, Wallet, Local Bank Transfer, Stablecoin, Real-Time Payment, Voucher, Payment Initiation Service, Wire Transfer, and Banking Push.
  • Status: Filter by statuses such as Expired, Failed, Incomplete, Payment Reported, Processing, Succeeded, Refunded, Partially Refunded, and by Amount.

2. Action Required Tab

  • Date: Sort by create date or funded date.
  • Amount: Filter by transaction amount.

3. Settlements Tab

  • Date: Filter by settlement date.
  • Amount: Sort by the final settlement amount.
  • Status: Includes Initiated, Requires Action, Succeeded, and Failed.

These filters allow for efficient management and review of all aspects of your transactions and settlements on the Tazapay platform.