What does Tazapay's KYB statuses mean?

Tazapay's KYB statuses come in the following: KYB initiated, KYB submitted, KYB pending, KYB approved, and KYB rejected

  1. KYB Initiated: When user has just initiated filling the KYB form but not yet submitted
  2. KYB Submitted: When user successfully completes the form and submits the application for review
  3. KYB Pending: When Tazapay marks the KYB as Pending due to insufficient documents or other pending requirements
  4. KYB Approved: When Tazapay approves a KYB application that fulfils all the pre-requisite document requirements
  5. KYB Rejected: When Tazapay marks the KYB as Rejected, due to non-fulfilment of the pre-requisite document requirements