What documents are required to complete my KYC/KYB process?

Individuals need to show their government issued photo ID and proof of address, whereas businesses need to show documents which may include incorporation certificate, UBO, AOA/MOA, operating licenses, etc.

Tazapay has developed a robust Customer Verification Process that will be used to independently verify client information.

For KYC, Tazapay will request documents from the individual such as:

  • government issued photo ID
  • proof of address

For KYB, Tazapay will request for:

  • Business registration and incorporation documents. (Certificate of Incorporation, tax registration document)
  • Document displaying the share ownership and list of director(s) and officer(s).
  • Proof of address of the entity dated within last 6 months (bank and government letter, utility and telecom bill, tenancy agreement etc)
  • Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) information and ID (Individuals who ultimately hold 25% or more shares or control in the entity are UBOs. ID proof accepted are Passport or National ID)
  • Authorised user information and ID
  • Website of the business entity

If the company is a sole proprietorship, the documents needed would be the

  • owner's name and government-issued photo ID
  • proof of company address

It is advisable to upload the required documents at the time of onboarding to expedite transaction processing.