What do the team member roles (Owner, Manager) mean?

Owners have the same access permissions and rights as the primary owner, whereas Managers have limited access with different options in view/edit permissions

Note: Team access is only available after clearing KYB

Owner Role:

      Owner roles have the same permissions and access rights as that of the primary owner, which include:
  • Access to Create Escrows. Escrows created in Tazapay's system are at an individual account's level and not at Platform level, which means an escrow created by one owner cannot be viewed by other owners
  • Access to Create Payment Links. Payment Links in Tazapay's system are at Platform level, which means all owners and managers with access to payment links can view all payment links created under the Platform
  • Owner and co-owners can view and edit configurations
  • Owner and co-owners can edit/update and submit KYB form, update and add bank details.
  • Owner and co-owners can manage the team

Manager Role:

      Manager roles have limited access to the account, which include:
  • Create Access Only: Can create Payment links only
  • View Access Only: Can view all Payment links created under platform
  • View Configurations Only: Can only view configurations. No edits allowed under Manager role
  • Any combination of permissions are allowed, which means manager can have all permissions to create, view payment links, and view configurations.
  • Managers can view only basic Account settings and team access details
  • Managers can not view or edit KYB details and bank details.
  • Managers do not have access to Create Escrow.