What are the settlement options when receiving my payment?

Tazapay provides settlements via local payment (same day to T+1, no charges) or SWIFT/wire transfer (T+1 to T+5, USD 35 fee). Local payments in your currency are the preferred method for their speed and cost savings.

Tazapay offers two primary settlement options to ensure you can access your payments efficiently:

  1. Local Payment: This is the preferred settlement method, where you receive your payments in your local currency. Typically, this method incurs no charges and allows for the fastest access to your funds, usually within the same day (T+0) to one business day (T+1).

  2. SWIFT or Wire Transfer: If you choose or require settlement in major currencies such as USD, EUR, or GBP, payments can be made via SWIFT or wire transfer. This method usually takes between one (T+1) to five business days (T+5) for the funds to be available, and a USD 35 fee applies.

For optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the local payment option is recommended whenever possible, to avoid transfer fees and delays.