What is the fee for Tazapay's service?

Starting from 0.8% for APMs and 3.8%+USD 0.5 for card transactions for non-high-risk industries. No fees for account opening, and no tiers or caps.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of Tazapay's transaction and settlement fees to provide clarity on the costs associated with various transaction types and services:

Fee Type Amount
Transaction Fees*
Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) 0.80%-2.50%
Cards (for non-high-risk industries) 3.8% + USD 0.5
Settlement Fees
Local Currency Settlement (< USD 1,000) USD 5
Local Currency Settlement (> USD 1,000) Free
Wire Transfer Settlement (< USD 10,000) USD 35
Wire Transfer Settlement (> USD 10,000 USD) Free
Refund Fees
Refunds on APMs USD 1
Refunds on Cards USD 2
Dispute Fees
Card disputes USD 15
Authentication Fees USD 0.2
3DS Authentications Included
Predispute Alerts USD 15
FIRC for Indian Customers USD 4


*for non-high-risk industries