What do the "Payment Method" categories mean in the dashboard?

Tazapay categorizes transactions by methods like Cards, Internet Banking, Wallets, Local Bank Transfers, Stablecoins, Real-Time Payments, Vouchers, Payment Initiation Services, Wire Transfers, and Banking Push. Learn more

In the Tazapay Dashboard, the "Payment Method" category helps you identify how a payment was processed. Here's a breakdown of what each option signifies:

  • Cards: Includes payments processed using debit or credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa.

  • Internet Banking: Transactions completed through real-time or synchronous internet banking, directly from banks or through third-party gateways, with immediate confirmation. Examples include POLi, PSE Bank Transfer, Online Banking in various countries, and Instant EFT.

  • Local Bank Transfer: Covers asynchronous or offline bank transfers that require Tazapay's verification to confirm payment.

  • Wallet: Also known as Mobile Money, these are payments made via mobile apps or mobile providers. Examples are Dana, OVO, LinkAja, MPesa, MTN, Vodafone, Tigo, and Airtel in various countries.

  • Stablecoin: Transactions made using cryptocurrency pegged to a stable asset, like USDT/USDC.

  • Real-Time Payment: Payments executed through real-time payment systems not necessarily interfaced with a bank. Examples include Paynow QR, PromptPay QR, PayID, Sofort, and PIX QR.

  • Voucher: Asynchronous payments where buyers use a voucher number to pay through a terminal, such as a retail cashier, ATM, or an online redirected URL. Examples include Boleto Bancário and Fawry.

  • Payment Initiation Service: Services that initiate a payment order at the request of the consumer with respect to a payment account held at another payment service provider.

  • Wire Transfer: Traditional bank transfers usually done over networks like SWIFT.

  • Banking Push: Payment methods where the customer initiates a transfer of funds to a merchant, typically using a banking app or website.

Each of these payment methods offers different advantages in terms of speed, convenience, and geographical reach, allowing Tazapay users to select the most suitable option for their transactions.