How to Reconcile Payouts from the Settlements tab?

Step 1: Navigate to the Settlement page and ensure you are selecting the "Paid" sub tab before clicking the export icon. 


Filter column "Settlement Date" to see the list of transactions settled on a particular day.

“Settlement Date” represents the date and timestamp on which Tazapay released payouts to the Seller. It might take 24-72 working hours to reflect in the seller's bank account. To apply an easy date filter you may simply do text to column to separate the date and timestamp.

Step 2: To reconcile all the settled transactions, filter the column "Status" to “Paid” and “Refunded (Settled)”. These statuses reflect the transaction was successfully settled to the seller from Tazapay alongside refund deductions.

Step 3: Sum up column  "Settlement Amount" to reconcile the amount sent to your bank. 

Note that some values in the “Settlement Amount” are negative as these are refunds which have already been adjusted in your payout. The amount is indicative as the current day FX rate will be applied on the day of settlement. 

For refunded transactions, Tazapay retains the fee for the initial payin transaction.