How do I raise a dispute or refund with Tazapay?

Send your inquiry in our contact us form or with your transaction number, amount, bank account, and information regarding the transaction. If it's a buyer protection dispute, send an email to

Raising Disputes/Buyer Protection Disputes/Refunds via the Contact Form

Step 1: Visit Tazapay's Contact Us page

Step 2: Fill in the form using the following fields

dispute refunds

  1. Select "I have a problem with my transaction/account" in the drop down list for "How can we help you?"
  2. The second drop down "What issue are you facing" will automatically show up and you can select "Dispute and refunds" there
  3. Including your transaction number will help to expedite & speed up the process for us to investigate and issue refunds if needed.
  4. Add any information regarding the transaction on the message body

Raising Refunds via Email

Send an email to and include the following information in your email:

  • Subject: Refund for [transaction number]
  • Amount to be refunded
  • Information regarding the transaction
  • Bank details if payment was not made with cards

You may CC your account manager in the email. 

For more info regarding how long it takes for Tazapay to issue refunds, refer to this FAQ

Raising Buyer Protection Disputes via Email

Send an email to and include the following information in your email: 

  • Subject: Buyer Protection for [transaction number]
  • Amount disputed
  • Information regarding the transaction

For more info regarding Tazapay's buyer protection program, refer here