How do I request a refund from my dashboard?

Log into the Tazapay dashboard and request for the refund from Transactions > View > Refund Buyer

1. Login to Tazapay's dashboard

Navigate to the "Transactions" tab and click on "View". Which leads you to your transaction summary where you can click on the "Refund Buyer" button.

1. Click view

2. Refund Buyer

2. Request refund amount

Now you can enter the amount you want to be refunded for. Full and Partial refunds are available.

3. Refund Amount

3. Refund Requested

Your refund request will be reviewed and it will typically take about 3 business days for it to be processed.

4. Refund Requested Under Review

5. Refund in Progress

4. Request refund approved

Once your request has been approved, you will receive an email notifying your request approval.

6. Refunded

7. Refunded amount

In the case a payment has been made to you, the next payout will be deducted.

If the transaction has been funded but the payments has not been released, the refund will be deducted from this fund right away.