How do I export CSVs for payment reconciliation (Seller's Advice etc.)?

Navigate to the dashboard, filter out the date range you want, check the "Completed" payment status, and export as CSV



Step 1: Login to the Tazapay Dashboard and navigate to Transactions. It should show you a full list of transactions:

reconciliation 1-2


Step 2: Filter the transactions to the specific date range according to your remittance advice:

reconciliation 2Click on Export > With current filters applied

This would allow the CSV generated to have the filters applied for reconciliation.


Step 3: There will be a toast on the top of the page indicating that the download is being prepared.

reconciliation 3


Step 4: If the report is generated within 20 seconds, the CSV file will download automatically. Otherwise, you can access your reports from the left tab or from the updated toast.

reconciliation 4

You can download your reports from the reports page as such: reconciliation 5


To learn more about what the columns mean in the CSV report, check out this other FAQ.