Can Tazapay support arbitration in case of disputes, and if so, what are the associated costs?

Yes, Tazapay supports arbitration through the Visa chargeback committee. Associated costs include a $500 filing fee, and potentially an additional $250 fee for violations of the merchant agreement.

Tazapay facilitates arbitration for transaction disputes via the Visa chargeback committee. The process is structured to ensure fairness and adherence to Visa's regulations, with the following cost implications:

  • Arbitration Process Overview:

    • Escalation to Arbitration: Disputes that cannot be resolved directly between the merchant and cardholder may be escalated for arbitration.
    • Committee Review: The Visa chargeback committee reviews the dispute, considering both the cardholder's claim and the merchant's evidence against Visa's guidelines.
    • Outcome Basis: The decision is based on each party's compliance with the dispute conditions and requirements.
  • Cost Structure:

    • Filing Fee: A filing fee of $500 is charged to the party found at fault in the arbitration process.
    • Merchant Agreement Violation: If Visa identifies any violation of the merchant agreement by the merchant, an additional fee of $250 may be applied.