How to set up Tazapay's JSON library on an API platform like Postman?

Download our JSON library from Github & import it into your preferred API platform

Note: We'll use Postman as the example of an API platform. The Tazapay JSON collection should work with other similar programs

Step 1: Download our JSON collection on our GitHub.

Click on Code > Download ZIP, and then unzip the contents.

postman 1

Step 2: On Postman, select "Import" in the left navigation menu, and then upload the .json file

postman 2

Step 3: Tazapay's JSON library should now be accessible to make API calls. On Postman, this should be under Collections, and each individual API call would be sorted in their respective folders as such.

postman 3

Clicking on one of these API calls should give you a sample code with the related parameters for you to fill.

postman 4

Step 4: Set up an environment to be able to make API calls. The steps on how to set the environment up on Postman can be found here:

This is where you would enter your API & secret keys with the following variables

postman 5 

  • url: Tazapay's api URL. The sandbox URL is whereas the production URL is
  • access_key: This is the API key associated with your account
  • secret_key: This is the secret key associated with your account