How do I update or edit my user account details using API calls?

Note: You may want to refer to our FAQ on how to set up our JSON collection on an API platform.

*Prior to updating your user details, you may want to retrieve your account_ID aka UUID by making a Get User call by email. Enter your account's email as such


get user

Step 1: Go to the Update - Business or Update - Individual API and insert your account_id as such

   "account_id": "12345678-90ab-cdef-ghij-1234567890ab",
   "first_name": "", //this parameter would be business_name for ind_bus_type "Business"
   "last_name": "",
   "contact_code": "",
   "contact_number": ""

update user1

Step 2: You'll be able to update details according to these parameters

  • first_name: (for Individuals only) Your first name
  • last_name: (for Individuals only) Your last name
  • business_name: (for Businesses only) Your business name
  • contact_code: Your country code for your contact number. For eg: +1 for the United States, +65 for Singapore
  • contact_number: Your phone number, written locally without the country code

Step 3: Send the API call, and you should get either of these 3 response messages:

// If 200: Success message
"message":"user details updated"

// If 400: Shown in case of a KYB/KYC verified user
     "message":"Unable to update user details at this time, please contact us at and share the following reference ID: <transaction reference>."

// If 500: Server error
     "message":"something went wrong. please try again later"

For more info on the Update user API, you may refer to our API documentation