How do I install Tazapay's Odoo Plugin?

Install the plugin by downloading the ZIP folder from our GitHub page, request for your API keys, and then keying the API & secret key in the configurations - no coding required.

Step 1: Request for your API Keys after signing up on Tazapay's Dashboard. Fill in the required fields that include:

  • Platform Display Name
  • Logo
  • Fee split

screen 2

Step 2: Download Tazapay's Odoo plugin on our Github page by clicking "Download ZIP"

download odoo

Step 3: Click on "Activate" when you have the Tazapay plugin downloaded

odoo 2

Step 4: Select between "Test mode" for Sandbox, "Enabled" for Production.

Enter the API Key & Secret key generated either in sandbox or production depending on the mode selected.

Click "Save" when you're done and Tazapay's checkout is ready for use. 

odoo 3