How do I disable a payment method (cards, APMs, etc) in my checkout?

Use the Filter parameter when calling the Create Payment or Create Checkout API

*This feature works only if you're integrated with Tazapay's payment API. Read our API docs on getting started.

Step 1: Before accessing this parameter, you'll first need to have a txn_no ready.

Step 2: Have the Create Checkout or Create Payment API ready

filter 1

"txn_no":"2021-71521", //include the transaction number
"filter":[""] //insert the payment methods as strings in an array here

Step 3: Within the body, define which payment method to disable using the Filter parameter

This is a non-exhaustive list of payment methods that you can disable on your checkout page:

  1. Bank Redirect
  2. Card
  3. Debit Card
  4. Local Bank Transfer
  5. PayNow QR
  6. PromptPay QR
  7. UPI ID
  8. WeChat Pay QR
  9. Wire Transfer

For more payment methods, check the Collection Methods API

*Note: The payment methods are case sensitive. Otherwise error code 1000 will show.

Step 4: Send your API protocol, which should return a success message as follows:

filter 2

Step 5: The generated URL would have the filtered payment removed from checkout as such:

filter 3

For more info, you may visit Tazapay's API documentation

*Note: This method does not disable individual card types by bin numbers.