How do I disable a payment method (cards, APMs, etc) in my checkout?

Use the Filter parameter when calling the Create Payment API

*This feature works only if you're integrated with Tazapay's payment API. Read our API docs on getting started or have a look at our integration walkthrough

Step 1: Before accessing this parameter, you'll first need to have a txn_no ready from the Create Escrow API

Step 2: Have the Create Payment API parameters ready

filter 1

"txn_no":"2021-71521", //include the transaction number
"filter":[""] //insert the payment methods as strings in an array here

Step 3: Within the Create Payment API call, define which payment method to disable using the Filter parameter

These are the payment methods that you can disable on your checkout page:

  1. Bank Redirect
  2. Card
  3. Debit Card
  4. Local Bank Transfer
  5. PayNow QR
  6. PromptPay QR
  7. UPI ID
  8. WeChat Pay QR
  9. Wire Transfer

*Note: The payment methods are case sensitive. Otherwise error code 1000 will show.

Step 4: Send your API protocol, which should return a success message as follows:

filter 2

Step 5: The generated URL would have the filtered payment removed from checkout as such:

filter 3

For more info, you may visit Tazapay's API documentation on payment collection. 

*Note: This method does not disable individual card types by bin numbers.